Sunday, November 23, 2014

Deadline for The Voice is the 26th!

It's getting toward the end of the month, and we need your inputs to The Voice in by the 26th. Please send email to, with a subject line like "Input for the Voice." Text in the email itself is fine, or attached text or Word files, and JPG pictures.

The Voice is your AFA members' newsletter  -  one of the benefits of being in the AFA.  Share information on your current or impending meetups, births, weddings and other events!

This is one more way we tie ourselves together as a community, and your participation is always invited!

Steve McNallen

Asatru Folk Assembly

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

European Genetics Remarkably Unchanged for at Least 36,000 Years

The link below goes to a National Geographic article with the politically-correct title "Europe Was a Melting Pot From the Start, Ancient DNA Reveals"...but this headline is  -  perhaps deliberately  -   misleading. The body of the article itself carries exactly the opposite message.  There's no more of this "melting pot" theme until the very last sentence.  Everything in between tells us that European genetics have remained remarkably unchanged for more than 36,000 years. 

Genes once thought to have arrived with the first farmers during the Neolithic turn out to have essentially been there all along.  And here's an interesting quote:  "Instead of separate groups colliding and occasionally mingling...there was a single, genetically similar population sprawling across the continent, from Russia to the Middle East to northern Europe. (Related: "Blue-Eyed Hunter-Gatherers Roamed Prehistoric Europe, Gene Map Reveals.")."  There was not a bunch of separate populations colliding and interbreeding, but rather "a single 'meta-population' having sex  - or exchanging genes  -  in a complex and heterogeneous way."

Why does the headline tell us one thing, and the body of the article tell us exactly the opposite?  Is the idea of a long-term, stable European identity just not permissible under the ruling intellectual paradigm? 

I am a man of Europe.  My people have deep, deep roots.  We are not "mutts" or a recent phenomenon, nor will we be a transient one, nor will we be denied the right to identify with our ancient heritage. 

I stand with my people, now and forever.

Steve McNallen

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Einherjar, and Overcoming!

In our mythic lore, the Einhejar are those fallen warriors who are chosen for their bravery and are carried to Valhall by the valkyries.  There they feast all night and fight all day, honing their skills for Ragnarok.

In our modern age, few will enter Odin's hall in this way.  The price of admittance is high  - but we should strive to be worthy of high honors, growing our courage and wit, our grace under pressure, our steadfastness and yes, even our sense of humor.  As for me I think there are other ways to be greeted in to the halls of the holy, gaining wisdom as shown by Odin in his own quests, and this too is honorable and good.  Great souls are forged by different kinds of fires.  But the Einherjar remain shining models for Overcoming, for pushing beyond our boundaries, for winning great rewards of spirit.

What will you do to Overcome this day?

Hail the Einherjar!

Steve McNallen

Asatru Folk Assembly

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Death of an Asatru Elder

David James, who was active in Asatru since the 1970's, died night before last at about 6 PM Pacific Time.

As some of you may recall, he had been ill for a while.  David was never one to make a big deal of his own health, and constantly downplayed his illness.  He never admitted to me that he had cancer, remaining stoic about his condition to the very end.  One of our AFA members who regularly checked in on him relates that he went to his death quietly fighting  -  not so much for his life, I think, as his dignity...and that particular battle was one that he won.  At the moment of death, he was peaceful.  Indeed, that is the essence of heroism  -  to die in charge of one's reaction to the death process.  I hope I do as well when my time comes.

I met David in 1980, at the Viking Brotherhood's "Althing."  Below is a picture of him from that event. 

David was writing a book on the Germanic worldview  -  or Weltanschauung, I suppose I should say  -  and the values that proceed from it.  Indeed, it had been more or less done for a long time, but he kept revising it.  Several AFA members had been in the process of working with him on it, and ultimately it will be published with a foreword telling something of the remarkable man who wrote it.

He lived a good life, leaving behind many grieving friends, a former wife with whom he remained close, plus three daughters and a son, of whom he was very proud.

Hail, David James!  Drink deeply of the mead, and remember your kin here in Midgard, as we will remember you.

Steve McNallen

Asatru Folk Assembly

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

AFA Members - The November Issue of The Voice Was Sent to You Yesterday!

Please check to see that The Voice arrived in your email.  If you don't see it, look in your spam folder.  If you do not have it in either your inbox or your spam folder/trash, please drop a note to Karen at and let her know!

The Voice is one of your membership benefits, and we want to be sure you're getting it!  There are tons of important things in each issue that will keep you up to date on what we're doing..articles and pictures of recent events around the country, notice of upcoming gatherings, the AFA Family Safety Program update, the AFA "Entrepreneur of the Month" and  much, much more.  Don't miss the action!

Steve McNallen

Asatru Folk Assembly

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Deadline for The Voice - Monday, the 27th!

AFA members, get your news and photos in to The Voice by next Monday, the 27th!  Recent meetups, announcements of coming events, births, and more  -  tell us about it!  This is YOUR exclusive newsletter, one of your benefits of AFA membership...Your participation is earnestly invited

Steve McNallen

Asatru Folk Assembly

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Home from Winter Nights in the Poconos!

We got in late last evening from Winter Nights in the Poconos, after a long flight across the continent.  Our bodies were tired but our spirits were high.  This was the AFA's third Winter Nights in the Poconos, and we brought in well over a hundred people...Think what we'll be doing in ten years!  Almost all the attendees were AFA members, and a number of those who had not yet committed have already sent in their membership applications.

This year's Winter Nights was characterized by high energy, a strong feeling of connection with each other and with the mission of the AFA, and by rituals that were perhaps our best ever.  Our focus was the rune Uruz, that we might gather even more might for the AFA in its mission, as well as for the luck and victory of those who were attending.

Three new Clergy members were sworn in  -  Denny Boltenhouse, Bryan Wilton, and Allen Turnage.

Three bands made this gathering even more lively:  Knotwork, Blood and Sun, and Changes.

Once again I was struck by the high quality of people standing in the ritual circle with us, and by the many children who were there.  Looking across the feast hall, I saw wall-to-wall folk, eating and talking and laughing.  I made many new friends and was delighted to see old ones again.


Steve McNallen

Asatru Folk Assembly